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A Band of Brothers

"A Yudansha Bond is a Tempered Link in the Chain of Brothers, Unbroken" ~ Jack Sabat


The International Koei-Kan Black-Belt Association is an International group of qualified Koei-Kan Yudansha “Black-Belts” who represent and maintain Koei-Kan Martial values. The foundation’s purpose is to serve as a Forum for all things Koei-Kan and to strengthen the present and future growth of the Koei-Kan Karate-Do system world-wide. All members have access to National and International brothers and family of brothers universally. All online articles / requests / registered Black-Belt profiles, posts will be presented via an exclusive and private Web-Site with Password protect Access. This platform will be used for dissemination and the furthering of education at Martial artist engaged within the Koei-Kan Karate-Do system of Budo. It is our goal to advance the bonds and ties of the Koei-Kan Martial Arts style group for International growth and propagation for years to come.


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Members Get Online access to:

  • Access to "Member-only Content" and online forum.
  • Your personal profile page.
  • Monthly online Newsletter from the Board of Directors.
  • Selected contributors who offer information related to Health, Healing, Training Secrets and suggestions in the Koei-Kan system.
  • Kata information aimed at the historical meaning and present day practices to integrate into your training routines.
  • Marketing & Opening a dojo and the best creative basis for a Machi-street dojo or a Juku – private dojo.
  • Schedule of Koei-Kan events Internationally.
  • Articles featuring members who are leaders in the cultivation of other Koei-Kan Karate members.
  • Exclusive access to equipment and Koei-Kan products/apparel.